Thursday, 25 May 2017

Some gratuitous pictures

Yes there are 6 cats and yes, one of them is Rosie because it's been a while since I emptied the camera. Pixy [on my shoulder] Worrals [in my dressing gown on my chest sucking my nighty] Gypsy [pounding and sucking in the crook of my arm]  Ace, [sitting still and growing good] Rosie [sprawled across me] and Rebel,[bum up to Ace.]  

It's been a funny month, 4 seasons in one month as you might say. The rubbish tip trio have integrated totally.

Piper, alias Chuchundra, is getting more used to people, he has let me groom him a little. 

Gypsy likes to sleep beside me on the sofa when he isn't actually making puddings on our arms

Cecil knows how to make himself comfy

they all love the run of course1

Spot the worrals!


  1. Blessings to all of the babies and to you.

  2. Many thanks! we need it, we have had a hellish year of problems and losses and shocks.

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