Wednesday, 3 May 2017

more insanity but of a good kind

when we knew we were going to lose Rosie we discussed that we would take one or two disabled cats, and spoke to Animal Action Cyprus, knowing that they had some cats they despaired of rehoming.  So we shall be taking Monkey, a black and white princess who has lost her tail, and so has the same poop problems as Kelly, but not as kitteny and sticky, and Mr Tom, who has had a bad paw for a while and was finally trapped for an amputation.  Obviously he can't go back to the street colony.  Lovely Clare has been caring for them, but she is snowed under with cats and kittens as well as the street cats she feeds.
Animal Action Cyprus is covering the costs of the transport but a little help for them wouldn't come amiss, please, at  You Caring


  1. This is a very good thing that you are doing providing care and shelter for these innocent creatures. Theyhad no shelter and food so by providing them with these you are doing a great thing.

  2. they had a foster home in Cyprus, but caring for them meant the foster couldn't take in others...

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