Thursday, 27 April 2017


Rosie is taking dying seriously now. She really enjoyed that last meal of chicken, but squiggled into Simon's arms during the night and is fading fast. She's drunk some cat milk and some broth from the chicken bones but that's the limit of her efforts. She's on my feet, with a hot water bottle, she has wriggled out from under the rug.  She has a little drop of thin April sunshine. 

Ace has been cuddling Rosie and looking after her, all the Rubbish Tip 3 have to some extent, but Ace especially.  She was their little mummy when they arrived, and they know how to pay love debts back. They are going from strength to strength, and Kelly and Piper are already becoming big cats.  Piper also answers to'Chuchundra' [for those of you who do not know your Kipling, in the extra tales at the back of Jungle Book was the story of Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, the mongoose, and Chuchundra is the musk rat who goes round the edge of the room because he doesn't dare cross the middle.  It suits.] Ace is still a little little cat and probably always will be. Kelly has taken on Linnie's mantle as the Prince of Daftness, and Ace is the Kronprinz of Kisses even if not the King.  Cecil is also trying to be a prince of daftness.  Right now he's come to lie with Rosie, I'm not sure if it's the sun puddle that attracts him, or altruism, but he is good when cats are under the weather. 

Scampi and Gypsy, being my biggest, and the biggest cowards in the UK, had lovely Lauren come out to innoculate them at home.  And Gypsy still went beresk.  He would have gone berserk but that requires more brain power than he can muster, so beresk it had to be.  However, he was on my arm making puddings with both ends that evening, instead of the both of them decamping to live under Simon's bed for three days, so worth having Lauren out on call. 

Leo is still enjoying his lion cut, and loves to cuddle daddy.  

We had a few days warm sunshine, unlike today's thin and icy offering, and so the window was opened. Rosie was able to go out, and enjoyed it, basking. 

Here are some gratuitous April pictures, which include a lot of Rosie just because.  I don't expect her to live the day out, she's sleeping herself away. 

My brother

Ace and Rosie

Rebel and Rosie

Kelly with Worrals [she had been washing him]

Can that be Princess Pixy Neferkity Merybast with her tongue stuck out?

Gypsy has to sort out his nethers

As you can see next to Cecil, Piper is a big boy!

"Dear all, the weather is here, wish you were lovely. Dora."

Princess Pixy wondering whether to go in or out

Hey mum!  she sat on me!

that's better

Rebel and Rosie playing mirrors

Cecil, Ace and Leo

I love that floofy tummy!

Double Daddy occupancy, Rosie and Leo

We got a bit of flesh back on her and she enjoyed the warm days

couldn't resist this picture of Cecil wearing the tower.

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