Sunday, 16 April 2017

Better News

Well, Rosie is still with us and from the razor sharp spine and place where your fingers meet at the back end of her spine she has a little, little pad of flesh.  I am feeding her with a malty high calorie paste, chicken, and Felix double delicious as she's gone off kitten food.  She had a vitamin B injection and has chalky stuff night and morning to try to stabilise her bowels.  And she's drinking cat milk and broth which I make for her to keep herself hydrated.  And she can purr....

I'll try to download and post some pics soon, I've been more concerned with shoving food into Rosie than taking photos, and making sure she gets it not the ravening horde, and Pixy, who is a ravening horde on her own.  Kelly mustn't have anything except kitty food because of his runny bum; and we are winning.  He is now leaving me sticky turds on the covers [what do I call them, not antimacassars, so much as antimakellies] and needs much less frequent bum wiping.  But I have  no intention of upsetting the delicate balance of his insides when I know fine well that when he nicks anything but grain-free kitten food he proceeds to produce goo.

we have gone mostly grain free except for bribery and corruption of Rosie and of anyone except Kelly to keep them away from Rosie.
And on the sofa right now I have Ace, Worrals, Gypsy, Pixy and Rebel.  Simon has Leo, and on the computer desk/cat storage are Cecil, Piper and Rosie.

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