Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Small hours shock: RIP Linnie

Lying in bed some time after 2, wondering how much it would disrupt the two cats cuddling me, Worrals and Ace, I felt feet walk up me, and a familiar face comes over the edge of the duvet.
"Hello Linnie," I said. "Don't walk on Worrals, she'll hit you." I was wondering how to incorporate 3 cats in my bed without bad language, and Linnie jumped onto the bedside table - and promptly fell off onto the bed.
At first, I was saying, "What are you up to, you prune?" when I could see he was lying as if he couldn't get up.
Plan A is always shriek for Simon.
And withing 2 minutes, having twitched and emptied his bladder, our King of Kisses, Prince of Daftness and Pontiff of Prunery was gone.  Five years old and gone.  He had a heart murmur but he was so full of life... that afternoon he had been out in the run, climbing about.  And now he's gone.  I am still very much in shock, but I want to share celebration pictures of our lovely boy.


  1. Godspeed kitteh, Gentle wooos from all of us,

    Nuk & Family

  2. Thank You Nanuk. You are kine, it's appreciated.

    Photos, yes, a beautiful, active, fit cat ... with a heart murmur.