Tuesday, 14 March 2017

A lion cut and other pics

The time came for Leo to have his fur cut short, and this time we decided to go for the complete lion cut.  We were not prepared for the difference it would make!  suddenly our grumpy old sod was gambolling like a kitten and ready to be friendly.  Not only has he been suddenly receptive to being stroked, he has become a lap cat, and has been friendly to the others.  That fur must have been heavy and uncomfortable!  so our brave little lion is going to be keeping his lion cut, and we'll have it done as soon as his hair grows longer than short haired.
And right now he feels all plushy...

Leo approves of the new sofa!  we got it [I love freecycle] while he was being clipped, and he investigated it and decided we got it for him for behaving himself at the hairdresser

Kisses for daddy even! I know he looks silly [I do dig his moon boots] but if he is more comfortable, I don't care; he can't see himself so he doesn't care either.

Daddy's favourite scarf.  He sleeps on Simon like this at night

a box full of orange.

Pixy Neferkiti Merybast is a diva. Had you guessed? 

"Er, ok, I won't go on the computer."

Worrals appears to have decided that Kelly is her kitten.  She has been washing him whenever she sees him.  And a much better solution for his nethers than to be wiped by us when he leaks [which he is doing less and less.]

Rosie does look a bit ratty, she took Saffron's death very hard but we are trying to build her up.  Loving her trio of kittens helps, though as you can see, she exploits them!  We have moved to grain free food now and are hoping this will make a difference to all of them.