Thursday, 2 February 2017

"Has anybody here seen Kelly?"

So, last year we lost two and gained 5 cats.  I count losing Saffron as last year though she lived into January, her illness was last year.
I am not going to share the last pics I took unless asked.  I want to remember her as she should have been.
Meanwhile, some gratuitous pictures of a selection of cats.  This post sees rare pics of to of  the Grumpy Old Sods [Onyx, Scampi and Leo] and appears to mostly feature Kelly.
I sing "Has anybody here seen Kelly?"  and he pops up, "Yes, here I am!"
His bum is up and down, we've moved to Carny, a German grain-free food, but he seems only to be able to tolerate one meal of wet food a day, so tough luck the rest as he's a little tea leaf.  I have old sheets and towels covering everywhere as he is still farting wet ones in his sleep, which I'm currently wiping with antibacterial wipes and will have a big throw out of stained fabrics when it is decent enough weather to expect things to dry on the washing line if he has an accident on actual bedlinen or furniture.  His bum I'm doing with witchazel and aloe vera pads for haemorrhoids which seem to be soothing him.  We had one night without more than a tiny turd on the sofa, but then he skanked wet food ... we are winning.  And as he gets older things should improve as well.

Kelly and Dora

Pixy, contemplating which of her brothers to whack next

Somewhere in that hole is Gypsy and Kelly means to get him

Piper loves all his big brothers.  Here he is with Onyx

Got him!  Scampi eating ...

and another of Scampi!

Linnie, just because

Kelly and Linnie's tail

No pics of Ace-all-over-the-place, he's greased lightning. But he is helping mumy and daddy by being a scarf overnight for one of the at a time.  Piper is still the guinea pig, or Chuchundra for Kipling fans.

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