Monday, 16 January 2017

R.I.P Sweetie Saffron

Today we asked Dr Annaliese to come out to give Saffron the big needle.  We actually booked it on Friday, because she had lost so much weight over the previous week, and we spent the weekend cuddling her and feeding her on prawns, mackerel, salmon and chicken.  By Saturday afternoon we knew we had made the correct decision as she couldn't jump any more.  By Sunday night scrambling onto the divan was an effort.
Saffron lay in Simon's arms, quite contented, while Annaliese made the injection, complaining a little that it was cold, and quietly and gently died, snuggled up to him.
We miss her already.   She is buried next to Leila and we bought some bulbs and marigold seeds to plant over our little marigold coloured Sweetie.
Saffron in her prime.  This is the Saffron we remember, not the poor little lady she became
Linnie cuddled Saffron for her last few days and didn't leave her at all overnight.  He sat on Simon's lap with her until the vet actually arrived, and kissed her. 

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