Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Gratuitous pictures up to the end of the year

I love the way Cecil's tail dangles off the edge of the 'penthouse'

Linnie loves his kitties, here he is washing Piper

I fell asleep and was promptly colonised

"You won't get away with stealing food, little brother."  "Watch me try." 


Worrals... one of my better pics of her 

they all love the 'igloo'.  Gypsy's toes just for those of you who love toes

Saffron loves cuddling daddy.  It was cold so she insisted on being IN the dressing gown
Pixy doesn't stay still long enough unless she's asleep, to get a clear pic!
Pixy encroaching on Worrals.  we have an armed truce here... 

Linnie has been cuddling and looking after Saffron, he is a good boy.  In the background, Rosie has also stayed close.  I can't think it will be much longer before we have to give her the Last Gift.  But she still loves guzzling gourmet gold, and purrs when cuddled.

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