Wednesday, 14 December 2016

RIP Leila

It is with shock and sadness that I announce Leila's sudden and totally unexpected death.

We were out all day because of a sick relative, and I arranged my lovely cat sitter to come in, who last saw Leila alive, well, hungry, and happy to be stroked at about 4pm.
When we got in, at a quarter to midnight, she was lying on the floor, stiff and dead.  What happened? I don't know.  She was partly under a little table, so no question of a fall.  Heart attack?  Brain embolism/tumour?  impossible to say.  She came from the same area of Ipswich as my Biddi who, the vets thought,  had a brain tumour, maybe there was some kind of genetic flaw in the population.
It's the down side of rescue cats.  They can have hidden problems from early privation and from inbreeding.  But it was such a shock.  Scampi and Worrals were sitting vigil with her until we came in.  They were the only two cats Leila really tolerated near her.
I don't have many photos of Leila, to my sadness, she wasn't fond of having her photo taken, and was inclined to butt the camera because it wasn't feeding her ... I  have a couple of nice ones though.

Leila was surnamed 'Twinkletoes' for her ballet slippers .... which she always tucked underneath her when sitting up as if embarrassed by them.  You had to catch her sprawling... this is her towel... she liked that better than any blankie.

She looks very like Rebel, I had to check it wasn't Rebel ... 
And she did enjoy the windowsill a little bit, though she wasn't keen on being downstairs.

One thing she loved was her nip mouse, not that there was a lot of nip left in it, and she had chewed holes in it, but she wailed when I took it away and gave her a new one.  The new one wouldn't do at all.  I had to wash and mend it as best I could, and she would toss it about, chirruping to it, and take it into her towel box to sleep with it between her paws.  What was so special about a tatty old mouse, i don't know, but she loved it.  We have buried it with her. 

I put an agapanthus over our little pantha which may be scraggy at the moment but it will be glorious next summer. 


  1. How we miss her helping with our baths, which she would supervise from the bench by the bath [part of our strategies for coping with disability] and we shan't have to keep removing a tail from the bath water....