Friday, 2 December 2016


It's been an interesting month, mostly involved in fund raising for our kittens from Cyprus but also watching Saffron's lump grow.  It's now hairless and ugly and she scratched it and made it bleed.  However she's still enjoying cuddles and purrs up a storm, and she loves to share anything we are eating.   The other cats are a bit wary of the kittens but getting used to them.  Kelly does not appreciate having to have his bottom washed, and having his ears done; Piper doesn't like having his ears done, and has a fear of men, which he is overcoming.  He's still nervous but puts up with cuddles.  Ace is uncomplicated.   He's like Gypsy, unaware there is any position for a tail to be held other than straight up as a flag saying 'Happiness is at home here'.  I love watching them subside into sleep as a cuddle puddle. 
Note the new 'cat storage' tower which has 3 apartments and a penthouse.  Despite it being Cecil on top of the first, this really belongs to Saffron most or the time, when boys aren't playing two and a half musketeers 
 We still have the crate for the kitties overnight, I can't face the idea of losing Piper under furniture until he's brave enough to come when called.
Cecil and Gypsy 

Saffron is in the last so I'll do her next


  1. Oh so good to see all them in pictures!

  2. Glad you enjoyed! Welcome to the blog, Kelly.
    While I'm here, I was asked privately about the crud around Saffron's eyes, she has always had weepy weak eyes, which is why she was put up for adoption not left in a colony, as she was always getting infections. It's dried 'sleep' and she won't always let me remove it. I try to catch her before she realises what's happening, but it doesn't always happen.