Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Kittens galore!

Through our grief over Leila, it is impossible not to smile at the antics of kittens.  They are playful and sweet, and Ace chatters, prootles and pipes all the time he is playing.
Piper was awakened to the fact that he is a BOY [not for much longer] by the arrival of Pixy, who was considering going on season before we had her missy bits out on Monday, but he tries to hump his brothers with, one has to say, a remarkable lack of understanding of what he's doing.  And I had to laugh at his attempt at the missionary position with Kelly, who was protesting faintly as Piper grasped his neck and vibrated rhythmically at ... Kelly's left leg.
Piper is also a bit of a tea leaf... he has figured out how to fish packets of food out of the box, rip open the bottom, and lie on them to squeeze food out.


Now he's off with that to take it into the tunnels where it won't be interrupted.  Fortunately the tunnels are wipe-clean.
We had a nice day so the window was open, and Piper found his way out, as did Pixy.  I hasten to add they cannot get out of this run onto the road.  It's a little cramped at the moment as the wheelbarrow is in there for the winter, because my coal is where the wheelbarrow usually lives. 

Leo doesn't venture past the windowsill but he really enjoyed the sunshine and the air.

Pixy has settled in so well, you'd never guess we've only had her two weeks.  She is a loving and affectionate little cat and shouts when she wants something.   We decided to have a medical t-shirt for her, not a buster collar, because I could see her going through something with the intent of taking off the buster collar on her way ... only she got out of the t-shirt once on the way home, and then within 30 seconds of being let out when she got home, so my struggles to put it back on, hands in cage, bumping along in the car were all in vain.  She's a pest!  but she's not going at her stitches, so I gave up.  Apparently she didn't want to look like Santa's Little Helper in a red babygrow...
 Saffron is still with us, she's very much in need of snuggles with either daddy or me, and she now finds the lump uncomfortable to sleep on unless she gets on a lap and jiffles thighs apart to give her somewhere to stow it.

 Kelly adores, or rather adored, his fleece-lined kitten tunnel, but it's seen a lot of use, and it's seen more use in the last month than in the previous year, and a wire has popped, so it's in the bin now.  I'm looking for another one for him.

Believe it or not, this floor had been hoovered two hours before this picture.  The kitties like to spread the love around.

Cuddle Puddle ...

And this is the more usual view of the run at this time of year, a selection of hopeful cats hating the squirrels who bury the crisp packets they raid from bins in my garden.