Saturday, 30 July 2016

Saffron fans: not such good news

Close friends of Saffron know that she had a lump removed, which is a sarcoma of the type usually associated with the shoulder blades [sometimes called an injection site sarcoma].  Well, Dr Mark had a narrow margin of clear tissue around it, but it has come back.  If it had been where it originally appeared, on her flank by her leg, removal of the leg would have been an option, but it's over a rib, and this, apparently, is a no-can-do op.  We have been advised that to remove the new lump so soon would be unkind as it would likely be back again in another 6 weeks.
So, we are told she might have months, or she might have years, and as these lumps are rarely painful, she can live with a big lump for a long while.  And she has as long as she has.  So here are some random pics of Saffron, including her scar.

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