Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Gratuitous pictures

This more or less needs a 'Janet and John' sort of caption:  See Rebel run.  Rebel can run.  Rebel can run fast.  Run, Rebel, run!
I wish they wouldn't scatter Leo's newspapers before getting on the wheel though. 

They aren't supposed to sit on the table, but Cecil declared he was busy matching the decor

it's hard enough trying to type over one love-bundle, but when two of them get in on the act... I still haven't fixed the cat cushions and climbing poles onto the windowsill.  Linnie and Cecil here

Leo approves of the divan.  This is his best side. 

Dora says "Don't Leave Me Out!"

"I'm Going to be in a Blog?"
"Yes, Gypsy."
"Will it hurt?"
"Oh.  All right then."

 "I can haz cuteness of the year award, yes?"

Yup, it's Linnie, on top of the cabinet.  And yes, if anyone was wondering, the board on the wall which runs right over the door is an original feature of our 1897 house, and used to have bells hung on it to ring for the servants.  Unfortunately the bells were no longer in place, but the wiring for them is still under the floorboards upstairs.  The cats say that mewing for service is more efficient anyway.

Rosie here with Dora and Leo, the population on the divan is fluid.

Saffron is being shy at the moment. Scampi is sleeping on his dad's bed but doesn't want a photo, Leila is still grumpy cat [she really needs a home with no other cats, she's an ailrophobe], Worrals is sleeping with me but disapproves of changes, Onyx is his usual shy but affectionate self  and that's the lot of them...


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  2. Wonderful post and lovely photos.

  3. Special gym for cats is wonderful idea :) I'm sure Rebel will get the aim

  4. thanks, Claire, and a run is now a reality, it's on the way... outdoor kitties in safety!

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