Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Welcome Cecil the very little lion!

So, we collected Cecil from Heathrow, thanks to Mika Dora Miraglia for all the co-ordination, and brought him home.  Only one person tried to kill us on the M25 which is good going,  but it was a lorry.  We have good brakes and Simon has decent reactions. 
Anyway, we got home, got the big crate indoors and it wouldn't pass the internal door posts so I lifted Cecil out while Simon dismantled the crate to bring through.  So he sniffed noses with Linnie, Rebel and Saffron, and put himself to bed in the basket beside the Aga.
No worries about Cecil settling.
They said at the airport that he was in rather a mess that they hadn't managed to clean up, but he washed himself very thoroughly on the way home... he needs a brush when he's got over all the travelling!