Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Welcome Cecil the very little lion!

So, we collected Cecil from Heathrow, thanks to Mika Dora Miraglia for all the co-ordination, and brought him home.  Only one person tried to kill us on the M25 which is good going,  but it was a lorry.  We have good brakes and Simon has decent reactions. 
Anyway, we got home, got the big crate indoors and it wouldn't pass the internal door posts so I lifted Cecil out while Simon dismantled the crate to bring through.  So he sniffed noses with Linnie, Rebel and Saffron, and put himself to bed in the basket beside the Aga.
No worries about Cecil settling.
They said at the airport that he was in rather a mess that they hadn't managed to clean up, but he washed himself very thoroughly on the way home... he needs a brush when he's got over all the travelling!

Monday, 11 January 2016

What's new, pussycat?

I've neglected my blogs shamefully, I confess it, because I'd rather neglect the blog than neglect the cats, and I have to say the last two years having mum bedridden has not been especially easy.  In fact, I think I can safely say that the cats save my sanity with their funny little ways.

Worrals, the matriarch, still likes to creeple up inside my sweater for a cuddle; she is my special baby, though I try not to show favourites!  she was such a frail little kitten when we first had her, and being that Siamese shape, it's hard not to think of her as fragile even now, though in reality she's as tough as old boots! 

Meantime, Rebel is still a little butterball, who thinks that if she sings loudly enough she will get first breakfast at 3 am;  Rosie still farts when she is happy, which is usually when lying on her back in Simon's arms, having her tummy done!

Gypsy has a new habit, he likes to get his front feet on one's left arm and his back feet on the left, whereupon he pounds with all four feet at once making puddings.  I've never known a cat to do that before.  He is our Turkish delight...

 Onyx is moderately forthcoming now, but camera shy, he will sit on my lap sometimes, but only when he chooses!    Leila is still #occupying the bathroom except when she's chasing one of the others; such a shame that she cannot integrate.  Scampi has, and he sleeps on Simon at night, cuddled up under his chin.
Leo is so clever about getting about, and climbs onto beds, though he's nervous of the sofa, which is usually full of GURLZ and therefore dangerous.  I'm not his favourite person right now though, because he had some dogberries that had to be dealt with.  One of the hazards of being a long-haired cat, but he dislikes being groomed because he can't see what's happening.  So he growls a lot, poor little boy; I keep hoping he'll get used to it. 

Dora is no longer so much of a 'clockwork toy' now she's older and staider; though she did continue to run with her legs when I picked her up to evict her from my craft room the other day!  she still runs round her food bowl yipping like a puppy though.  She likes to climb on my lap when I'm sitting with mother entertaining her with puzzles, but if it's only crosswords we're doing not suduko, Dora gets bored and wanders off.  She loves to watch us do suduko for some reason...

Linnie's fur is growing back where he got so stressed over Leila, Leila really needs a home where she's the only cat so she doesn't try to bully all the others.   Linnie is a real comedian, though I could sometimes wish that 'for his next trick' didn't involve the sudden launch to land on my shoulders when I'm picking something up.  He loves his three-way tunnel!

And last, but definitely not least, Saffron has come on apace, she is so very friendly now, especially with Simon, but begs caresses, sleeps beside mother, and will stay on Simon's lap even with people going past, instead of fleeing to hide in the drawer.  Maybe it can go back to being a teatowel drawer now instead of having a few teatowels left in it after she kicked the rest out, just enough for comfort.  I hope so.  It would be very helpful not to have to keep them in with ordinary towels.

And at the end of the month they will be joined by Cecil, who is now as fluffy a lion as one could hope, though we'll be keeping an eye on those skin problems he has had.

And the GREAT news: we're getting a running wheel!  this is supposed to help cats de-stress, which should help Linnie, and I hope, Leila too.  And it's exercise now they are, regretfully, inside cats, because though we have a large house with corridors all over, it's still not as much exercise as they might hope for. 
This is the wheel we're getting: