Saturday, 8 August 2015

Fostering again...

So apart from some ferals we are hoping to socialise for the local shelter, we will be fostering a poor little boy from Egypt, named Shafiq, but we are thinking of him also as Cecil, in memory of Cecil the Lion, as he's a bit of a lion himself, in between being a bit 'oven ready' having been shaved because of the fungal infection on his skin. 
We need to raise a few bob to help him be transported. Here's the link to the fundraiser:


  1. Cecil looks quite different with a shave! -new follower here. I'm part of an org. that maintains ferals living along the shoreline in my city. -enjoy your blog.

  2. Bless you and your organisation for that, it's the way to go, TNR and maintain the communities.
    Saffron was part of a managed community but she kept getting eye problems so she was put up for adoption, it took her a while to adapt but now she refuses point blank to have anything to do with Outside, which Is Not A Nice Place.

  3. You are doing really a nice job! I'll support you in media, promise! These poor animals have only us to defend them!

  4. Many thanks! I would appreciate it.