Sunday, 2 August 2015

Adopt, don't buy

I know there are needy cats in the UK, but in general, those in shelters are at least safe... not so in many other countries. 
I just want to make an appeal on behalf of the amazing Manuela Wroblewski, who walks miles to feed hundreds of stray cats, and who tries to get them neutered, in Avsellar, Turkey. Meher Toorkey, her associate is a tireless advocate for animals too.   This is one of the parts of the world that it is not good to be a cat. 
When adopted, foreign cats are, on the whole, so loving and grateful.  Our own 'Turkish delight', Gypsy, is so happy, I don't think he realises that there is any position for a tail except straight up in the air!  Please have a look at this page and consider adopting a little Turkish delight of your own...


  1. Unfortunately, there is sometimes too poor and miserable conditions in the shelters. They are waiting for the volunteers and fundraisers to support them!!

  2. And feel free to post here or on my timeline any that need support, because social media is an amazing tool.
    Our local shelter has a charity shop attached to it which raises about £20k a year profit at least, and will probably do better now it's expanded...