Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Apologies for being so long, and hello Leo, Leila and Scampi!

I got very depressed over losing Mackie, and I'm afraid I didn't have the heart to blog.  And we tried to rear 4 kittens abandoned at birth by their mother, and didn't succeed.... the biggest was 80g, normal birth weight is 85-100g.  Mouse was barely 70g....
Then we were asked to take Leo, who has badly healed old fractures.  Leo is from Spain, and I'm afraid the border control vets think it's ok to put dogs and cats together in a yard overnight without shelter in what was sub zero temperatures.
Leo started out with skeletal problems; now, because he had a scratched eye and caught flu, he has had to have both eyes removed and is blind as well.  It's not fair.  Fortunately Leo is laid back, and has almost as much of a sense of humour as Mackie. He gets around amazingly well and scrambles up onto the bed and sofa.  He has been nervous of jumping onto the balustrade, although he had managed it when blind, before the second operation.

Leila and Scampi belonged to a friend who ran into some Landlord problems, so being the mug I am....

Leo before he lost his lovely golden eyes
Leo with the second stitches

Fully enucleated
As to the rest, Onyx still plays hard to get, but gives me occasional cuddles!  which is lovely.... Worrals and Rebel and Dora enjoy outside time on their leads; Linnie has been out and is not very well behaved but loves it. Indoors he plays with his doggie toy.  Gypsy went out and cried and cried and had to come back in.  Saffron despises outside, it's where cats without slaves live.  And Rosie has never shown an interest. 

Linnie and his doggie



Saffron, Linnie and Rosie



Rebel, whose bum does look big in that

Scampi, who has settled in very well. 

Leila, unfortunately, doesn't much like cats and is living in the bathroom.  She swears like a trooper and beats seven bells out of Linnie when he tries to be friendly.    However, she has ventured out from time to time, so here's hoping she will settle.  If not, I may have to find her a no-cat slave.