Thursday, 25 September 2014

Apologies for leaving it so long

Photographs haven't been a priority, but I should have let everyone know that we inherited lovely Linnie [properly Linus] whom we collected on the Summer Solstice, when a friend died...  Linnie has about 15% vision.  His left eye is ulcerated and his right eye damaged, but what he does with his partial sight is amazing.  He climbs everywhere and is into everything.  He uses part hearing and part sight to catch [and eat] flies, and he is trying to figure out what bubbles are for.  I'll have to put some nip in the bubble mix so he has something nice to smell...

as you can see, Linnie is very well settled

Meanwhile, we discovered that Worrals has a magic word on her; I noticed she has a word on her left side saying 'Zip!'

And here are some gratuitous pictures

Dora has her harness and long lead now for some garden freedom

Linnie found a picture frame.  Don't ask.

Onyx is still being photo shy, but his coat is now in lovely condition and his legs are much stronger.  He has been sitting on my lap.
We've been having a war on ear mites too.