Monday, 3 March 2014

Ch-ch changes [without David Bowie] and a new climbing tree

We've been reconfiguring the house a bit to take into account my mum's needs, so now there's a divan bed in a warm room which is much appreciated when she has vacated it, even if being shut out of the room overnight is not appreciated!

 Rosie, Dora, Gypsy and Saffron all consider the divan to be theirs.  Gypsy however needs to come and help when I get the camera out....

Saffron still likes her TV
Gypsy supervised all the changes

And the chairman of the bored has retired to the TV while Saffron poses

The windowsill upstairs by the computer is still a favourite place, Gypsy, Worrals, Rosie  AND Dora all hating squirrels together.  The keyboard is propped up after they navigated to places we didn't want to go...

Now running into March pictures, and apologies for not having posted before: we had a lot to do. 
The climbing tower, which we hope to encourage Onyx to use to work his poor atrophied legs a bit more, arrived, and was nice and easy to put together.

Dora still likes sinks.  There's a drop of sun in the sink first thing in the morning so though she could sit beside it, she prefers to be in it...

Massive thing, isn't it?  this window gets sunshine all afternoon in the winter, and dappled shade from the tree outside in the summer.  We manhandled it into place and it's bigger than we thought so we'll have to manoeuvre around it a little...

Dora the Explorer was, predictably, first on the tree with Gypsy close behind.  Rosie and Saffron have delicately investigated the lower levels. All of them sat on the balustrade and glared suspiciously at it.  Mackie thought he liked the look of the little house but when he discovered it to be full of That Kitten-Cat he huffed off.
I'm sure I'll soon have more pictures of them all using it, this was the evening - you can see it's dark outside - and Dora and Gypsy were playing happily.  Gypsy spent the night in the higher little house as I found out when I got up to go to the loo.  He came to see me in the bathroom and them went to kill a dangling bird thingy. 
Had to add this:  Saffron has discovered the smaller little house to sleep in!

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