Tuesday, 28 January 2014

More Gratuitous pictures

All the cats are busy keeping warm, which means on the whole they get friendlier with each other... Gypsy seems to have crept into a number of these too, he's a ubiquitous little cat. Saffron has finally decided that she can get onto my lap entirely, and not just snuggle partly beside, partly on, we've now had her about the year round, and I'm overjoyed.  Mackie indulges in marathon sleeping most of the time so I'm glad to catch a pic of him awake, I think he's trying to hibernate.  Sunshine on the kitchen window means a selection of cats wrapping themselves in the curtain for a bit of sun but a protection from draughts! I have Worrals sleeping in the bed most of the night until she decides she needs to breathe, then she joins Dora who has by this time commandeered the hot water bottle.  I have taken to having 2 bottles, one for the cats and one for me.  Simon usually has Rebel in the crook of his knees overnight, Rosie and Gypsy have taken to sleeping under the stove, and Mackie spreads himself out in front of the fire.  Saffron likes to creep into the warm place I've left on the sofa.

Dora in the sun
Peep-BOH says Gypsy

Various sprawlings, washings and cuddlings on the sofa, Dora and Gypsy actually like to be washed and no washfighting occurs...

Rebel being lain on by Dora with Worrals in the background
this one makes me so happy, Saffron settled, rubbing her face against my hand. 

Saffron loves the fire too

Rosie kissing Simon.  She adores him... he has his ears and hair washed thoroughly too while she cuddles him. 
Gypsy has no decorum at all

here is Gypsy again, ready to help

and again, on the TV

Mackie manages to maintain HIS dignity at all times

Rebel, showing why she is nicknamed 'Golden Eyes'.  Yes, that is a small scar over her right eye, she scratched her eyelid [or someone else did] but no real harm done.

This is Rosie, as her fans can tell from her face shape, but the scarring on her eye hardly shows from this angle!

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