Friday, 17 January 2014

Generally Gypsy

Last night I had three stripy cats on me on the sofa, I had to escape from underneath them [I really had to, it was becoming imperative to visit the human litter box] and they stayed put... so I crossed my legs and grabbed the camera. There are wide angle effects, and Worrals still is the smallest, Gypsy is now [just] bigger than her...

brothers united in a single passion

Gypsy's favourite occupation
Gypsy so keen to reach Rebel's food he has wriggled under Rosie

Gran ha newz shoez, I haz new box, I wins
By popular request, Gypsy dangling on the wood box
Mackie is ruthlessly followed and kissed by Gypsy
the top of the computer is another prime piece of real estate for bird watching
I is sure there is a spider up there... and I isn't letting anyone else up to look
Onyx deigned to play for the camera.  Note destruction of files knocked off shelf by Gypsy behind ...
another one of Gypsy, secure on the wood box this time, superheated and smug
This is where it's happening in the evening; Gypsy on the woodbox/inglenook seat, Worrals on the stool and you can't see Saffron and Dora in uneasy truce in front of the stool 
I is in charge of the fire
Top o' the world, ma
... the ceilings are 8' high, and there's Mackie, right up at the top.  I can never resist a film quote for a caption but I wish to make it plain that in no way does Mackie resemble Jimmy Cagney's character in 'White Heat'. He has more sense than any human.

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