Thursday, 20 November 2014

RIP Mackie

Mackie took ill last week after hiding for hours in a cupboard, we hunted high and low for him.  He saw Dr Mark on Thursday, and started eating again, but after the weekend he stopped eating. He went into the clinic for more rehydration than we could give him, but unfortunately continued to weaken.  He died in my arms this morning.
We have buried him under the pear tree with forget-me-nots on top of him, like his forget-me-not blue eyes.  We had a wonderful time having Mackie. It seems like he has always been with us, not just 18 months or so.  He has such a huge personality, there's a big big space here. 

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Apologies for leaving it so long

Photographs haven't been a priority, but I should have let everyone know that we inherited lovely Linnie [properly Linus] whom we collected on the Summer Solstice, when a friend died...  Linnie has about 15% vision.  His left eye is ulcerated and his right eye damaged, but what he does with his partial sight is amazing.  He climbs everywhere and is into everything.  He uses part hearing and part sight to catch [and eat] flies, and he is trying to figure out what bubbles are for.  I'll have to put some nip in the bubble mix so he has something nice to smell...

as you can see, Linnie is very well settled

Meanwhile, we discovered that Worrals has a magic word on her; I noticed she has a word on her left side saying 'Zip!'

And here are some gratuitous pictures

Dora has her harness and long lead now for some garden freedom

Linnie found a picture frame.  Don't ask.

Onyx is still being photo shy, but his coat is now in lovely condition and his legs are much stronger.  He has been sitting on my lap.
We've been having a war on ear mites too.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Ch-ch changes [without David Bowie] and a new climbing tree

We've been reconfiguring the house a bit to take into account my mum's needs, so now there's a divan bed in a warm room which is much appreciated when she has vacated it, even if being shut out of the room overnight is not appreciated!

 Rosie, Dora, Gypsy and Saffron all consider the divan to be theirs.  Gypsy however needs to come and help when I get the camera out....

Saffron still likes her TV
Gypsy supervised all the changes

And the chairman of the bored has retired to the TV while Saffron poses

The windowsill upstairs by the computer is still a favourite place, Gypsy, Worrals, Rosie  AND Dora all hating squirrels together.  The keyboard is propped up after they navigated to places we didn't want to go...

Now running into March pictures, and apologies for not having posted before: we had a lot to do. 
The climbing tower, which we hope to encourage Onyx to use to work his poor atrophied legs a bit more, arrived, and was nice and easy to put together.

Dora still likes sinks.  There's a drop of sun in the sink first thing in the morning so though she could sit beside it, she prefers to be in it...

Massive thing, isn't it?  this window gets sunshine all afternoon in the winter, and dappled shade from the tree outside in the summer.  We manhandled it into place and it's bigger than we thought so we'll have to manoeuvre around it a little...

Dora the Explorer was, predictably, first on the tree with Gypsy close behind.  Rosie and Saffron have delicately investigated the lower levels. All of them sat on the balustrade and glared suspiciously at it.  Mackie thought he liked the look of the little house but when he discovered it to be full of That Kitten-Cat he huffed off.
I'm sure I'll soon have more pictures of them all using it, this was the evening - you can see it's dark outside - and Dora and Gypsy were playing happily.  Gypsy spent the night in the higher little house as I found out when I got up to go to the loo.  He came to see me in the bathroom and them went to kill a dangling bird thingy. 
Had to add this:  Saffron has discovered the smaller little house to sleep in!

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Onyx to the fore!

Onyx has suddenly decided to accept that we are his family, not some rather superior hotel staff!  He has found his way into the sitting room, and has been taking advantage both of the fire and of the sofa.  He has stopped running away if I sit on the sofa beside him, and has even been sitting on my lap.

here he is on my lap and me shooting at an awkward angle...

He's still not terribly active, and his back legs are somewhat atrophied, but he has been exploring and I'm hoping he'll get more muscle tone in doing so.  His coat is now soft and glossy, not harsh and filled with scabs as it first was.  I think being on senior formula food has done wonders for him, he's doing bigger wees less often, rather than lots of dribbly ones, and his poo is a decent consistency not hard any more.  That may be more information than the gentle reader would think dignified to give, but I'm so pleased he seems so much brighter in himself and healthier.

Onyx is on the cushion at the end of the sofa - a position he vies with Mackie for - with Dora beside him, Worrals, Rebel and Gypsy on my feet.

And now the others so they don't feel left out. 

A course in advanced cat folding here with Gypsy practising the deadly are of ori-cat-gami.

Mackie, cuddling my sewing bag....

Gypsy loves to have a paw or two on whichever of his siblings he is sleeping with.  Here it's Rebel.


When in doubt, sit on brother to subdue him.

Sharing a fire, however means no antagonism....

 Here is Rosie, rolling around on Worrals who is on my chest... I had a job taking this photo, I had to hold the camera away and hope to get both of them in, this was the best, sorry.

Right after this Worrals started washing Gypsy and they both managed to fall off the sofa

Gypsy manages to keep getting himself in shot, and here he is in one of his ridiculous positions, egregiously showing off his fluffy white tummy.

... and his toes.  This one is for the toe fetishists amongst my followers. 

Saffron hasn't managed to get herself photographed much, but she's fine.  She's spending most of her time wrapped in the curtain on top of the TV, or else in the tortoise's box of straw, which is too dark to easily photograph.  She says she's hibernating...

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Cat Shelter Jessica

This is a new shelter helping cats, and they are asking for help.  They are looking for people to sponsor or virtually adopt some of their charges, which will help out their funds; and they'll accept stuff as well as money to help.  Please visit the page and have a look.

also on FB

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

More Gratuitous pictures

All the cats are busy keeping warm, which means on the whole they get friendlier with each other... Gypsy seems to have crept into a number of these too, he's a ubiquitous little cat. Saffron has finally decided that she can get onto my lap entirely, and not just snuggle partly beside, partly on, we've now had her about the year round, and I'm overjoyed.  Mackie indulges in marathon sleeping most of the time so I'm glad to catch a pic of him awake, I think he's trying to hibernate.  Sunshine on the kitchen window means a selection of cats wrapping themselves in the curtain for a bit of sun but a protection from draughts! I have Worrals sleeping in the bed most of the night until she decides she needs to breathe, then she joins Dora who has by this time commandeered the hot water bottle.  I have taken to having 2 bottles, one for the cats and one for me.  Simon usually has Rebel in the crook of his knees overnight, Rosie and Gypsy have taken to sleeping under the stove, and Mackie spreads himself out in front of the fire.  Saffron likes to creep into the warm place I've left on the sofa.

Dora in the sun
Peep-BOH says Gypsy

Various sprawlings, washings and cuddlings on the sofa, Dora and Gypsy actually like to be washed and no washfighting occurs...

Rebel being lain on by Dora with Worrals in the background
this one makes me so happy, Saffron settled, rubbing her face against my hand. 

Saffron loves the fire too

Rosie kissing Simon.  She adores him... he has his ears and hair washed thoroughly too while she cuddles him. 
Gypsy has no decorum at all

here is Gypsy again, ready to help

and again, on the TV

Mackie manages to maintain HIS dignity at all times

Rebel, showing why she is nicknamed 'Golden Eyes'.  Yes, that is a small scar over her right eye, she scratched her eyelid [or someone else did] but no real harm done.

This is Rosie, as her fans can tell from her face shape, but the scarring on her eye hardly shows from this angle!