Saturday, 7 September 2013

RIP friend Brady.

Some readers may recall Brady, the sphynx cat from the guest blog about him and warning of HCM.  Brady has succumbed to that terrible genetic time bomb.  Please keep Jessica in your thoughts as she mourns a brave little boy.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Jogging along...

The build on the pen is underway.  No pics yet because there's  nothing much to see - we are waiting for the mesh and some more fence 'shoes'.  But we have built a gateway and the frame of a door to go in it... and done some tree surgery to be able to include a tree for climbing without it being an escape route.
Worrals and Rebel have been out helping, and are generally exhausted at being made to do all that supervising.  They are not allowed to help with tree surgery.  It may take us 3 times as long as well people to get things done but we get there eventually!

I've also been making nip mice to sell in aid of disabled kitties and I thought I could do this in the purrgola where there would be less smell.  Well, the girls both came to help, and as you can see, Rebel managed to get nip on her eyebrows...

here's Worrals all 'nipped out' playing on her bouncy castle, aka the air bed for chilling out on.  The cats use it more than we do.

Dora and Mackie are still confined to the hedgehog pen; Dora tries hard to open the door.  They'll be glad to have a decent sized run.  We're aiming now at enclosing the back yard and a bit of garden for ease, and it should be about 18' on each side, or 6m for those people who only think in metric.

Mackie is hard to extract from the hog pen until he's good and ready; but he asks to come out when he's hungry!  and then sleeps on his favourite chair...
You can see him thinking 'she has that camera again.  Shall I show her my best side or shall I turn my back?'

Saffron has shown no desire to go out but she is much more confident in the house.  She can also climb anywhere and keeping the run Saffron proof is going to be the main challenge.  She can climb ladders up and down, and gets over the fireguard we use to 'kittyproof' the passage to the front door.  Yesterday she was playing tennis with it; she whacked her ping-pong ball over, scrambled over and whacked it back.  'Love Fluffteen' she said.

Onyx is a shy boy and doesn't much like to be photographed.  He seems faintly bewildered as though he was not sure why he was in the Animal Welfare Centre, and why he is with us, not at home... wherever home was.  He is very loving, but as though we are standing in for his real people... poor poor boy!  I hope he learns to accept us as his real people.  I don't know his back story...