Saturday, 14 December 2013

Gratuitous photos of cats

... missing only Onyx, who refuses to leave HIS chair in my bedroom which is too dark to get any photos, and demanding that as he won't sleep in a heated room he needs a permanent hot water bottle. 

Maybe the title of this should be the Rosie Show as she's managed to get herself into almost every shot... 

Dora didn't manage to get into quite so many this time, which is unlike Dora!  She has been having a few more adventures than chasing burglars, having got shut in the coal house - AGAIN, and me only realising because the newspapers I'd put down for coal dust infested feet to tramp on were slowly disappearing under the coalhouse door.  I'm not sure what she was trying to do, maybe she was attempting to pull in some of the light she could see through the bottom crack of the door!  No wonder Worrals had to wash her so vigorously.
Mackie is such a big slug, he's happy sleeping winter away between meals, and never letting me catch him to photograph if he's playing with a ball or any other toy. 
Rosie is loved by everyone!  They will all curl up with her, and when she tried to squirm underneath Mackie for warmth he sat on her firmly and washed her. 
And promptly got off when I went for my camera, of course. 
Saffron has been sleeping in my new sweater and taking charge of the washing stool in front of the fire.  She and Dora have designated it the washing stool.  Gypsy prefers the cushion on the woodbox, which he manages to make slide off.  The other day he slid right off the cushion, landed on the floor in front of the fire, shook himself, plainly puzzled that this wasn't where he remembered going to sleep, and went right back to sleep again.  He's a lovely companion for Dora, as they play Jukitsu together; she's missed Pixie and her wrestling, but Gypsy can throw a fine uwate-nage when he puts his mind to it.

This is the squirrel-hating window.  There's the roof of a bay window below it where birds and squirrels come...
we wuvs Auntie Michelle
the top of mum's TV is a sought after vantage point.  Gypsy is wondering how he managed to be up here alone when he surprised Mackie trying to share with Saffron

His head is somewhere in the folds of the duvet, purring ecstatically; first time he let me do his tummy.
mm yes, that's nice
let me stretch for you to do my chin
hey, sis, enough already!
Saffron appreciates a good fire.
another prime location

this was when I failed to get Mackie sitting on Rosie to wash her...