Monday, 18 November 2013

Thanking God the cats weren't harmed when we were burgled

The burglars took out a recently-replaced window put in due to storm damage.  And left the door open... Dora got out into the night, but she was she only one and she was very pleased to be brought in as she could jump DOWN from the window, but not UP to it...
Here are some gratuitous cat pictures because our dear furries are all good.
Four furries; Dora is behind Gypsy - who turns out to be a boy - and look how big he's getting!  this is one of the feeding stations and nobody ever feeds them, they are all locked in a room for DAYS at a time [3/4 of an hour] while mummy and daddy have the fuzz and SOCO doing Interesting Things They Could Have Helped With.

Worrals is keeping an eye on the fire, she, Rosie and Gypsy may be found curled up in front of it in any combination of warm and happy bodies.  Gypsy has however largely taken on Biff's mantle of staring fixedly at an unlit fire, or one that needs making up, willing the heat-beast to greater fervour.  He's there right now.

Rosie would like you to see her Bikini.  It doesn't show much because she's waving her arms about but she has a tiny triangular panty-shaped white patch and two tiny white spots under her arms...

Rebel has beautiful golden eyes.  She wanted you to admire them

Gypsy, taking charge of the fireguard and the cushion on the woodbox

Mackie STILL owns the box, but he lets Gypsy in sometimes...