Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Foster Fail!

So, we were going to foster Rosie, a little cat from Romania in general poor health and with a damaged eye, weighing in, on her arrival at just 2.5 kg, at two and a half years old.

Well, when she started putting her arms round our necks, and wrapping herself like a living zibellino around necks and launching herself into our arms, that kind of went out of the window.  And generous Denise, who had been going to adopt her, suggested we might keep her if she helped with her upkeep.

And so we are seven... having already pledged on Gypsy, who will arrive later this month.  And Worrals has really taken Rosie under her wing and has been washing her and sitting beside her.  Mackie vewed the new arrival with some horror and declared that She Was So Small, She Might Get Lost In His Fur!  The others have, however, taken to Rosie in a quite unprecedented way, as though they had always known her.  And perhaps, as she has so many little ways that are a reminder of Pixie, like those neck hugs and big face smooches, they have been given some orders from Elsewhere...

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