Saturday, 8 June 2013

In memorium of Pixie

God loaned us an angel
An angel with fur
A bundle of fun
Just love, wrapped in purr.
God loaned us an angel
And I can't but resent
That the loan was called in,
So soon after she was sent.
God loaned us an angel
I miss her so much
I miss how she reached out
my face for to touch.
Her shouts through the window
Left us in no doubt
That she could do things better
If she were just out!
And when she went out,
She would sing to her prey
Whether she caught a squirrel
Or a dead leaf today.
God loaned us an angel,
The sweetest one seen
Oh Pixie, I miss you,
Our own angel-queen.

I'm too busy to look at the camera

Dora and Pixie loved the box the new fire bucket came in

 I wish I had more pictures of Pixie outside, but little Miss Quicksilver didn't do staying still for long... she loved it so much.  She had shouted and shouted all winter about wanting to go out, and when she did, she was so happy. 


  1. Oh Sarah, I know what you are going through.lovely poems. Lets hope they are together "up there" chasing leaves...Sheila

  2. Thank you, Sheila... and Lisa's little boy too...