Saturday, 4 May 2013

WHY did I buy a steam cleaner?

Ok, so I steam cleaned the floor and by the next morning
1/ Worrals had shredded a feather cushion on it
2/ Mackie had shed all over it
3/ Dora had tossed cat litter on it
4/ The ultimate indignity - Rebel brought in a mouse to dismember on it.

Apparently as soon as the carpet is nice, it's there to be un-niced again... so why did I buy a steam cleaner?
Oh silly me.
So that Dora and Pixie would have the box to play in - obviously.

Joking apart, prayers for Jasper would be appreciated as he's just been diagnosed as kidney fail...


  1. Three outta four you just shoulda known better....and anything that doesn't involve hairballs is a plus anyway!

  2. oh yeah, well, hairballs are a given...
    I always wonder how people with cats keep nice carpets; and I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that they belong to the Wizarding World and do it by spell.