Sunday, 5 May 2013

RIP Jasper

It is with shock that I have to share with Jasper's fans that he has had a sudden massive heart attack and died.  He had a heart murmur, and had just been diagnosed as kidney fail, but this was unexpected....
Here's one I took a few days ago.... Worrals is going around with a lost look on her face... he was a mummy to those kitties....

I called him Mr Softee
Not just for his soft fur
But for his disposition
And his soft and loving purr
His fur was soft as velvet
His kisses shy and swift
He gave them with his shoulder
A coy but loving gift.
He was so very gentle
My darling little boy
I’ll always hold him in my heart
For he always brought me joy

Saturday, 4 May 2013

WHY did I buy a steam cleaner?

Ok, so I steam cleaned the floor and by the next morning
1/ Worrals had shredded a feather cushion on it
2/ Mackie had shed all over it
3/ Dora had tossed cat litter on it
4/ The ultimate indignity - Rebel brought in a mouse to dismember on it.

Apparently as soon as the carpet is nice, it's there to be un-niced again... so why did I buy a steam cleaner?
Oh silly me.
So that Dora and Pixie would have the box to play in - obviously.

Joking apart, prayers for Jasper would be appreciated as he's just been diagnosed as kidney fail...