Tuesday, 30 April 2013

RIP Cousin Brittney... 1-1-1996 to 30-4-2013

Brittney was a brave little cat who has long been fighting diabetes and other troubles, and he's been writing to my cats for a long time... he finally lost his fight with life after trying to stand and use his litter box when his legs failed.  His dear mummy Carol and daddy Bill reluctantly decided that the time had come to let him go. 

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Been busy... lots of new things going on!

Having lost Biff we decided that we could manage to take a big, scared fluffy boy who doesn't like alpha males: Mackie is seven and was abandoned by his people, and has been attacked by cats and dogs.  He is just on a stone in weight and all of it purrs, he arrived in our house and within three days he had discovered Biff's chair, and the chair in the breakfast room, the sunny spot in the bay window, and the balustrade.  He made himself at home, and the others just accept him.
Here is Dora  with Mackie showing what a big girl she is growing right before she and Pixie totalled the climbing tree by playing jukitsu on it...
Isn't he a gorgeous slug with fur?  he has the nickname MacFluff [as is 'lay on, MacFluff, and cursed be he who does not shed enough...']

And we also were going to foster Saffron, an unusual ginger girlie, but she's such a vulnerable little thing with conjunctivitis and tooth problems and so scared that we are going to keep her... and yes, we have her isolated in the bathroom to prevent a spread of conjunctivitis, especially to Dora.
Her eye is a lot better with 10 days of drops - this was after about 5 days after she had emerged from the towel box - but I haven't downloaded the pics yet.

Meanwhile, Rebel, Worrals and Pixie have been enjoying the great out of doors, and seeing off the fluffy tabby-and-white tom who sprays in THEIR garden.

And last but by no means least, Jasper, who lost weight again over losing Biff; we are investigating possible hyperthyroid and we'll see how his weight is next week to see if he has any underlying problem.  He seems happy enough though, which is the main thing!  [except when Mackie sat on him; there's a lot of Mackie to sit on anyone!]

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Ok, so the Luddite has succumbed to Kindle...

Having started tentatively publishing my other books on kindle, I've finally decided to go with putting Tabitha Tabs and the 365 Cat Tales onto kindle too.  I hope that will please my followers!