Saturday, 14 December 2013

Gratuitous photos of cats

... missing only Onyx, who refuses to leave HIS chair in my bedroom which is too dark to get any photos, and demanding that as he won't sleep in a heated room he needs a permanent hot water bottle. 

Maybe the title of this should be the Rosie Show as she's managed to get herself into almost every shot... 

Dora didn't manage to get into quite so many this time, which is unlike Dora!  She has been having a few more adventures than chasing burglars, having got shut in the coal house - AGAIN, and me only realising because the newspapers I'd put down for coal dust infested feet to tramp on were slowly disappearing under the coalhouse door.  I'm not sure what she was trying to do, maybe she was attempting to pull in some of the light she could see through the bottom crack of the door!  No wonder Worrals had to wash her so vigorously.
Mackie is such a big slug, he's happy sleeping winter away between meals, and never letting me catch him to photograph if he's playing with a ball or any other toy. 
Rosie is loved by everyone!  They will all curl up with her, and when she tried to squirm underneath Mackie for warmth he sat on her firmly and washed her. 
And promptly got off when I went for my camera, of course. 
Saffron has been sleeping in my new sweater and taking charge of the washing stool in front of the fire.  She and Dora have designated it the washing stool.  Gypsy prefers the cushion on the woodbox, which he manages to make slide off.  The other day he slid right off the cushion, landed on the floor in front of the fire, shook himself, plainly puzzled that this wasn't where he remembered going to sleep, and went right back to sleep again.  He's a lovely companion for Dora, as they play Jukitsu together; she's missed Pixie and her wrestling, but Gypsy can throw a fine uwate-nage when he puts his mind to it.

This is the squirrel-hating window.  There's the roof of a bay window below it where birds and squirrels come...
we wuvs Auntie Michelle
the top of mum's TV is a sought after vantage point.  Gypsy is wondering how he managed to be up here alone when he surprised Mackie trying to share with Saffron

His head is somewhere in the folds of the duvet, purring ecstatically; first time he let me do his tummy.
mm yes, that's nice
let me stretch for you to do my chin
hey, sis, enough already!
Saffron appreciates a good fire.
another prime location

this was when I failed to get Mackie sitting on Rosie to wash her...

Monday, 18 November 2013

Thanking God the cats weren't harmed when we were burgled

The burglars took out a recently-replaced window put in due to storm damage.  And left the door open... Dora got out into the night, but she was she only one and she was very pleased to be brought in as she could jump DOWN from the window, but not UP to it...
Here are some gratuitous cat pictures because our dear furries are all good.
Four furries; Dora is behind Gypsy - who turns out to be a boy - and look how big he's getting!  this is one of the feeding stations and nobody ever feeds them, they are all locked in a room for DAYS at a time [3/4 of an hour] while mummy and daddy have the fuzz and SOCO doing Interesting Things They Could Have Helped With.

Worrals is keeping an eye on the fire, she, Rosie and Gypsy may be found curled up in front of it in any combination of warm and happy bodies.  Gypsy has however largely taken on Biff's mantle of staring fixedly at an unlit fire, or one that needs making up, willing the heat-beast to greater fervour.  He's there right now.

Rosie would like you to see her Bikini.  It doesn't show much because she's waving her arms about but she has a tiny triangular panty-shaped white patch and two tiny white spots under her arms...

Rebel has beautiful golden eyes.  She wanted you to admire them

Gypsy, taking charge of the fireguard and the cushion on the woodbox

Mackie STILL owns the box, but he lets Gypsy in sometimes...

Thursday, 31 October 2013

And now we are eight...

....because Gypsy, who was going to be number 7, has now arrived with us, her poor paw entirely healed by clever Dr Osman.  We pledged to take her after we lost Pixie because Gypsy had an enlarged paw from wire around it too.
she wasn't too sure about sharing the bathroom with a tortoise... Toddles woke up in a bout of warmer weather and was trying to escape from his box, so I put him in the bath for a week or so....
She did find the green bird/fish toy...
I wish I had been able to photograph her playing ball with Saffron once Toddles was back in his box, but I was sitting on the loo and had no camera...

she has found her way downstairs and here she is having made friends with Rebel, who looks HUGE next to her! 

Onyx meanwhile has been on my lap sleeping [the 5 hour stint was a little painful]; he is coming to love and trust us.Here he is with Worrals and Saffron.  Saffron is plainly exhausted after playing tennis in the bath with Gypsy.

Rosie meanwhile has settled in as though she always lived here.  I swear Pixie talks through her sometimes.  She and Dora can share the easy chair by the range.  I don't think there can be many more loving little girls than Rosie, I think she must have been someone's much loved pet once.  We still wait to see if she has a season and so will need neutering but my guess is that she has been neutered.  I only hope someone in Romania isn't mourning a loss with no closure, if the incident that damaged her eye drove her from home and left her lost and in need of the wonderful care Cristina Cristescu gave her. 

Worrals, little mother of all the world, says that caring for new girls is exhausting.  Here she is in my duvet with only her head showing...
And last, but definitely not least, Mackie.
It was Dora who first discovered the box my new secondhand laptop came in, but Mackie shoulderbarged his way in, and declared it was His Box And Look, It Says Fragile With Care On It. 

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Foster Fail!

So, we were going to foster Rosie, a little cat from Romania in general poor health and with a damaged eye, weighing in, on her arrival at just 2.5 kg, at two and a half years old.

Well, when she started putting her arms round our necks, and wrapping herself like a living zibellino around necks and launching herself into our arms, that kind of went out of the window.  And generous Denise, who had been going to adopt her, suggested we might keep her if she helped with her upkeep.

And so we are seven... having already pledged on Gypsy, who will arrive later this month.  And Worrals has really taken Rosie under her wing and has been washing her and sitting beside her.  Mackie vewed the new arrival with some horror and declared that She Was So Small, She Might Get Lost In His Fur!  The others have, however, taken to Rosie in a quite unprecedented way, as though they had always known her.  And perhaps, as she has so many little ways that are a reminder of Pixie, like those neck hugs and big face smooches, they have been given some orders from Elsewhere...

Saturday, 7 September 2013

RIP friend Brady.

Some readers may recall Brady, the sphynx cat from the guest blog about him and warning of HCM.  Brady has succumbed to that terrible genetic time bomb.  Please keep Jessica in your thoughts as she mourns a brave little boy.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Jogging along...

The build on the pen is underway.  No pics yet because there's  nothing much to see - we are waiting for the mesh and some more fence 'shoes'.  But we have built a gateway and the frame of a door to go in it... and done some tree surgery to be able to include a tree for climbing without it being an escape route.
Worrals and Rebel have been out helping, and are generally exhausted at being made to do all that supervising.  They are not allowed to help with tree surgery.  It may take us 3 times as long as well people to get things done but we get there eventually!

I've also been making nip mice to sell in aid of disabled kitties and I thought I could do this in the purrgola where there would be less smell.  Well, the girls both came to help, and as you can see, Rebel managed to get nip on her eyebrows...

here's Worrals all 'nipped out' playing on her bouncy castle, aka the air bed for chilling out on.  The cats use it more than we do.

Dora and Mackie are still confined to the hedgehog pen; Dora tries hard to open the door.  They'll be glad to have a decent sized run.  We're aiming now at enclosing the back yard and a bit of garden for ease, and it should be about 18' on each side, or 6m for those people who only think in metric.

Mackie is hard to extract from the hog pen until he's good and ready; but he asks to come out when he's hungry!  and then sleeps on his favourite chair...
You can see him thinking 'she has that camera again.  Shall I show her my best side or shall I turn my back?'

Saffron has shown no desire to go out but she is much more confident in the house.  She can also climb anywhere and keeping the run Saffron proof is going to be the main challenge.  She can climb ladders up and down, and gets over the fireguard we use to 'kittyproof' the passage to the front door.  Yesterday she was playing tennis with it; she whacked her ping-pong ball over, scrambled over and whacked it back.  'Love Fluffteen' she said.

Onyx is a shy boy and doesn't much like to be photographed.  He seems faintly bewildered as though he was not sure why he was in the Animal Welfare Centre, and why he is with us, not at home... wherever home was.  He is very loving, but as though we are standing in for his real people... poor poor boy!  I hope he learns to accept us as his real people.  I don't know his back story...

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Welcome Onyx!

So we went up to the Animal Welfare Centre locally to visit the charity shop and ended up with a new cat... because there was this lovely old  gentleman cat, black to a hair, and purring firmly at us when we walked past his cage...
So his name is Onyx, which is a good name for a black cat, and moreover he was onyxpected....
We couldn't put him in the bathroom, it was the hottest day of the year and it gets HOT in there, but Onyx didn't care.  He just settled in.  We've had him 6 days now, and you'd think he'd been a member of the family forever, he's such a gentle old boy, and so loving.  He's taken possession of my bed....

and he and Mackie have a friendly rivalry to see who can make sleep and Olympian sport.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

In memorium of Pixie

God loaned us an angel
An angel with fur
A bundle of fun
Just love, wrapped in purr.
God loaned us an angel
And I can't but resent
That the loan was called in,
So soon after she was sent.
God loaned us an angel
I miss her so much
I miss how she reached out
my face for to touch.
Her shouts through the window
Left us in no doubt
That she could do things better
If she were just out!
And when she went out,
She would sing to her prey
Whether she caught a squirrel
Or a dead leaf today.
God loaned us an angel,
The sweetest one seen
Oh Pixie, I miss you,
Our own angel-queen.

I'm too busy to look at the camera

Dora and Pixie loved the box the new fire bucket came in

 I wish I had more pictures of Pixie outside, but little Miss Quicksilver didn't do staying still for long... she loved it so much.  She had shouted and shouted all winter about wanting to go out, and when she did, she was so happy. 

Monday, 3 June 2013

RIP Pixie

This won't be long, I'll post some last pictures sometime, I'm crying too hard...
The first decent day of the summer and Pixie decided to stay out.  I looked all around all evening until it was too dark and this morning she was by the road, dead. She chose the wrong moment to come home... no more stretches up beside me at the fridge, face pats, kisses, no more stealing our yoghurt and shouting at me about how to do things right in the garden.  Is it only a couple of days ago she was supervising the start of the build of the conservatory?  It will be built in her memory...

Sunday, 5 May 2013

RIP Jasper

It is with shock that I have to share with Jasper's fans that he has had a sudden massive heart attack and died.  He had a heart murmur, and had just been diagnosed as kidney fail, but this was unexpected....
Here's one I took a few days ago.... Worrals is going around with a lost look on her face... he was a mummy to those kitties....

I called him Mr Softee
Not just for his soft fur
But for his disposition
And his soft and loving purr
His fur was soft as velvet
His kisses shy and swift
He gave them with his shoulder
A coy but loving gift.
He was so very gentle
My darling little boy
I’ll always hold him in my heart
For he always brought me joy

Saturday, 4 May 2013

WHY did I buy a steam cleaner?

Ok, so I steam cleaned the floor and by the next morning
1/ Worrals had shredded a feather cushion on it
2/ Mackie had shed all over it
3/ Dora had tossed cat litter on it
4/ The ultimate indignity - Rebel brought in a mouse to dismember on it.

Apparently as soon as the carpet is nice, it's there to be un-niced again... so why did I buy a steam cleaner?
Oh silly me.
So that Dora and Pixie would have the box to play in - obviously.

Joking apart, prayers for Jasper would be appreciated as he's just been diagnosed as kidney fail...

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

RIP Cousin Brittney... 1-1-1996 to 30-4-2013

Brittney was a brave little cat who has long been fighting diabetes and other troubles, and he's been writing to my cats for a long time... he finally lost his fight with life after trying to stand and use his litter box when his legs failed.  His dear mummy Carol and daddy Bill reluctantly decided that the time had come to let him go. 

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Been busy... lots of new things going on!

Having lost Biff we decided that we could manage to take a big, scared fluffy boy who doesn't like alpha males: Mackie is seven and was abandoned by his people, and has been attacked by cats and dogs.  He is just on a stone in weight and all of it purrs, he arrived in our house and within three days he had discovered Biff's chair, and the chair in the breakfast room, the sunny spot in the bay window, and the balustrade.  He made himself at home, and the others just accept him.
Here is Dora  with Mackie showing what a big girl she is growing right before she and Pixie totalled the climbing tree by playing jukitsu on it...
Isn't he a gorgeous slug with fur?  he has the nickname MacFluff [as is 'lay on, MacFluff, and cursed be he who does not shed enough...']

And we also were going to foster Saffron, an unusual ginger girlie, but she's such a vulnerable little thing with conjunctivitis and tooth problems and so scared that we are going to keep her... and yes, we have her isolated in the bathroom to prevent a spread of conjunctivitis, especially to Dora.
Her eye is a lot better with 10 days of drops - this was after about 5 days after she had emerged from the towel box - but I haven't downloaded the pics yet.

Meanwhile, Rebel, Worrals and Pixie have been enjoying the great out of doors, and seeing off the fluffy tabby-and-white tom who sprays in THEIR garden.

And last but by no means least, Jasper, who lost weight again over losing Biff; we are investigating possible hyperthyroid and we'll see how his weight is next week to see if he has any underlying problem.  He seems happy enough though, which is the main thing!  [except when Mackie sat on him; there's a lot of Mackie to sit on anyone!]