Sunday, 16 December 2012

RIP Pebbles

Pebbles drifted in and out of unconsciousness all night and finally passed away in her daddy's arms.   We have buried her under the bay tree where she was sniffing around on her harness only yesterday. 

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Endings and Beginnings

Pebbles bless her is on her last legs, but her eyes still say she wants to live so we haven't carted her to the vet.  We had very extravagant teas of fish 'n' chips several times because all she would eat was battered cod or fishfingers - so fishfingers for lunch - but her appetite is now dwindled again.  She did however get a new lease of life when the new kitty arrived, one-eyed mackerel tabby Dora [originally Holly but she's A-Dora-ble as well as being very much Dora the Explorer] who has no respect for age but Pebbles has enjoyed watching her play - and has let Dora curl up beside her, and even joined Dora on a chair.

My dear kind friend Lucinda sent Pebbles a heated bed for her poor old bones and she has been willing to share it with little Dora, who arrived after travel in awful conditions, she was frozen and ravenous.  Not a cat transport we'll be using again. 

Dora is so friendly she gets on with all the others, though Worrals is not always enamoured - poor Worrals resents any new cat for not being Merlin I think.  Dora and Pixie are special friends and I will be posting pics of them wrestling and playing together. 

The only time Dora is still is when she's asleep which happens suddenly and in the most floppy positions.

Worrals does tolerate a stripy little sister as you can see...