Thursday, 22 November 2012

Jogging along...and some real news

Pebbles having been told she can eat what she likes is taking this fairly literally and insisted for several days on eating nothing but Gourmet Gold salmon [I think it's marketed as Fancy Feast in America].  She has deigned to eat other strongly fishy things too, and has developed expensive tastes.  She likes what expensive tastes like.
She's lost some weight and her fur isn't in such good condition but she's enjoying pottering about from window to window to swear at the birds, then climb onto her daddy's chest for a sleep, and spend the night in his dressing gown. 
She has taken over some of my bales of fabric which she has emptied to sleep on for the early morning excitements of the view out of the side window.

Pixie meanwhile is still going from strength to strength and likes to perch on the mantelpiece over the range like an ornament.
Isn't she pretty next to the vase of  kniphofia and senecio! 

Biff has a new toy; I made the cats a nip mouse as a prototype before making more to sell in Anya's auction for various Romanian cats. Biff has been stoned ever since and has been ridiculously kittenish.
Worrals got very excited too, and I had to take the other mice out of the house to sew at the Knit and Natter club I go to so I didn't have any 'help'!

Well now the real news...
You may recall I featured 3 Romanian kittens in an earlier post; Norocel and Sonia have homes, and so does Holly.  Holly is coming to us.  We will be - until dear Pebbles throws in the towel - a 7 cat family. This is the latest picture we have been sent of her...

As Pixie runs Worrals and Rebel ragged, wanting to play with them, it is to be hoped that she and Holly will enjoy playing together...
Pixie is in the habit of pouncing on dangling tails, and Biff was most disconcerted to be 'pommed' from below when he was on the wood box; and getting up to make a dignified exit to have her arms around his neck to give him a big kiss!  Biff checked that nobody was looking, licked her nose, and stalked off, pretending indifference. 
What Biff, Jasper and Pebbles will make of a kitten is anyone's guess!  But Jasper likes kitties, and Biff is a lot more laid back these days, and Pebbles doesn't like any cats very much anyway!
Rebel has become very much a lap cat in the colder weather and I get a cuddle from my girlies on the sofa in the evenings.  Worrals likes to help in the garden on fine days, and she and Rebel enjoy being outside where they can be kittenish without having to entertain Pixie, who is only allowed out on the best days on the harness while her paw is still bear.  However great news on that front - she was 'making puddings' on me a couple of days ago and I noticed that one of the claws on her bad foot was able to move and make puddings on that foot!

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