Sunday, 28 October 2012

Antifreeze - it's a problem

I've just heard of another case of deliberate poisoning with antifreeze, and closish to where I live too,  and it happens by accident every year too.  It's time to get bittering agents added to the stuff, which will make it harder for abusers to readily poison family pets as well as preventing the accidents.

Any of my British followers, here's a form letter which I implore you to use and personalise to your MP, and indeed anyone who would care to email David Cameron at please do!  His cat is called Larry.

Dear [MP],
Over the last year there have been more than one incidence of sick individuals poisoning the family pets of others with antifreeze.
There are two issues at stake here; firstly the need to bring in a law to have a bittering agent added to antifreeze, which will prevent accidental poisonings and too make the abuse of animals harder, and secondly to address the issue of harsher sentencing for those who abuse animals, as the current laws are derisory. 
Please consider raising this in the House and supporting anyone else who raises the issues.  In a nation which prides itself as animal lovers, these issues go far beyond party politics.
Thank you for your time,
Yours sincerely,

Thanks all.

Here's a petition I've set up too

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