Sunday, 28 October 2012

Antifreeze - it's a problem

I've just heard of another case of deliberate poisoning with antifreeze, and closish to where I live too,  and it happens by accident every year too.  It's time to get bittering agents added to the stuff, which will make it harder for abusers to readily poison family pets as well as preventing the accidents.

Any of my British followers, here's a form letter which I implore you to use and personalise to your MP, and indeed anyone who would care to email David Cameron at please do!  His cat is called Larry.

Dear [MP],
Over the last year there have been more than one incidence of sick individuals poisoning the family pets of others with antifreeze.
There are two issues at stake here; firstly the need to bring in a law to have a bittering agent added to antifreeze, which will prevent accidental poisonings and too make the abuse of animals harder, and secondly to address the issue of harsher sentencing for those who abuse animals, as the current laws are derisory. 
Please consider raising this in the House and supporting anyone else who raises the issues.  In a nation which prides itself as animal lovers, these issues go far beyond party politics.
Thank you for your time,
Yours sincerely,

Thanks all.

Here's a petition I've set up too

Friday, 26 October 2012

At last, 365 cat days is published!

The link I have on the side bar is to Amazon UK, but it's available from Amazon too Here
The royalties from sales of this one will be used for helping with cat rescue. 

Here's a sample of October:

October 9th
Kitkat [4]
Kitkat, like most Siamese cats, loved to explore, and if this happened to be up and down the shelves of a neighbour’s flat, why Surely Nobody Minded Him Taking Liberties?  Wouldn’t Anyone Be Proud To Let Him Kip On Their Bed?  Perhaps he was slightly less welcome when being a paper weight on papers or books his host was trying to use than otherwise but Kitkat was so sweet he could get away with it!

October 10th
Max [6]

Max was one of those cats whose propensities for falling in the pond came close to being fatal more than once as he had no idea how to help himself by swimming.  It did not help his ego that the worst Wolfie ever did was to get a wet tail.  It Wasn’t Fair, said Max,  Having A Pond Left Untidily All Over The Place Right Where A Fella Can Forget It’s There And Fall In.  On his first summer he fell in the pond four times and proceeded to do so at least once every summer thereafter.

October 11th
Sophie [4]
Sophie was loath to come in at night and led her people many a merry dance.  She would stand, as if waiting, and as mumstaff or dadstaff came close enough to think they could pick her up, she would spring lightly away, dancing sideways, sometimes darting under a parked car and peeking out, her whiskery face seeming to laugh at their frustration.  It’s A Good Game Played Slow, she said.