Monday, 17 September 2012

Our lovely cats from Romania, doua dragosti pisici Romani

Pixie and Pufa arrived last night and Pufa is being known as Pufa-Pebbles while she gets used to a name change to Pebbles.  Pufa means, I think, fluffy, but it's a bit inexpedient in English.  They are settling in and far from being disabled, Pixie managed to climb onto the high shelves that I thought were cat proof... though she still has a bandage on her bad paw and favours it slightly.  She is tiny!

She likes the climbing tree we made and quickly found her way to the top of it.

Pebbles is a chunkier lady and has a practical outlook on life and her first act was to check out the facilities!

Both cats can purr for Romania however and are delighted to be given attention!


  1. Sweet, Pixie and Pebbles are beautiful! I love Pixie's curious eyes and Pebbles has mesmerizing eyes... wow! She is indeed chunckier, but I like chuncky animals! :)