Monday, 13 August 2012

The Saga of the Purrgola

We had a pergola which was four corner posts and the upper part of one of those gazebos you get in DIY stores, the legs having suffered from an attack of Boy Scouts [long story - don't ask].  Unfortunately heavy snow on the rather exuberant and over-enthusiastic evergreen clematis on it buckled it and brought it in.  We finally got into the jungle of green to hack our way bravely through encroaching and uninvited brambles to find there WERE still 3 seats inside it.

This needed a bit more clearing to rescue the uprights which were still good; and we decided to build it again with reclaimed materials with a roof on as a place the cats could be inside, outside in rain, and where we could also hang washing in the winter. 
Fortunately the estate agents selling and leasing the flats across the road generously throw their old signs into our garden, and in my book that's a donation.
So armed with that, and some stuff given to us by friends and neighbours - some more poles and two sides of an old shed and a few bits of broken trellis - we set to.  Not very fast; we're old crocks but if we take it slowly we can get there.  So, up with the longest estate agent poles for side pieces; and then we find that of what's left only one is long enough to go right across.  Well that went across the middle and the other two make triangles which are strong shapes.
The shed pieces were too heavy to lift so we cut them in half.  It means it's not so pretty inside but we'd never have got them up otherwise.  Oh, and Worrals helped a lot.

I wish I had a shot of her climbing the trellis....

We put old carpet over the boards so that the roofing felt - the only thing we bought - wouldn't rub on the rougher bits of the bits of shed.  We had new secondhand carpet to put down anyway, this helped us get around to it...  and Worrals danced about on the roof supervising me putting in clench nails.  So helpful!  Jasper and Rebel by this time had discovered that sleeping in the shade was nice.

It's a rickety looking structure but it's actually pretty firm [and we're rickety sort of people anyway].  Jasper is asleep on one of his unicorns as you can see.
The unicorns?  someone had thrown them away in a pile of trash in a layby and our son rescued them. They make grand cushions.
We called them Abelard and Heloise because it seemed to suit them...

Rebel prefers dappled shade on the ground....
Were you wondering about Biff?  he came and looked.  He walked across the roof.  He dug a hole at the base of one of the uprights and peed in it.  We took that as approval.  He'll be in there in the winter....

Why is is a purrgola?  it's for purring in of course.