Tuesday, 24 July 2012

So am I insane?

I joined a group on facebook which is rescuing cats from, among other places, Romania, with a team of wonderful Romanian rescuers and vets, who are fighting hard for the feral cats there.  And there was one who stole my heart.
She had had her feet tied up so tightly together, and by 10-year-old CHILDREN for goodness sake that she was gangrenous.  Will she lose one or more legs?  as yet unknown .  But if I'm permitted to have her, however many legs she ends up with, she's going to have a home here.  Black cats are not popular in Romania. 
Her name is PIXIE and I named her in memory of Leprechaun, the tabby cat caught in a trap whose story I was following online. 
This is the group Anya's blind cats and dogs which is mostly set up for special needs animals... there's an auction set up there, so do go take a look, if you're in Europe especially the UK!  here for auction
Cute isn't she, so alert despite the pain..

Anyone who does not want to see graphic, don't go own any further as there's a picture of her leg

I'll keep everyone posted!


  1. The best kind of insanity in the world:losing your heart to a furry one....

  2. Thanks for your kind of insanity for giving love to Pixie! How is Pixie now?

  3. Pixie has fur over all that wound, and runs around like she's never had anything wrong! In fact today she went out on the harness into the garden and was into everything! I doubt she'll ever have a full range of motion with her paw and claws but it doesn't seem to worry her, she uses both feet indiscriminately to pat at string, feather sticks, bubbles, spiders and my begonia. She can use a cat flap - we have internal cat flaps to save throwing cats off our laps when one or other of them wants to go in or out of a room - and pushes with both paws. She seems to have forgotten her ordeal, and is such a loving little cat!