Sunday, 10 June 2012

RIP Merlin

There's no way of breaking this gently to Merlin's many fans - he has just been run over.  Death was instant. 
In the most quiet time on the quietest day of the week on the road. 
I would not, however, ever change my mind about letting our cats roam outside, Merlin loved his wide range to hunt in. 
I am devastated and so is Simon, who is in bits. I don't think we'll be very sociable for a while. We had hoped to grow old with him as with all the kitties. 


  1. I'm so so so sorry to read this sad news. *hugs* to you and Simon and all the other kitty cats.

    all my love, Heather a.k.a Queen of the Jungle

  2. Many thanks, Heather. Worrals especially needs a hug because she's hurting badly. I'm cuddling her right now

  3. Brady sends you, Simon, Worrals and the others sandpaper kisses and gentle headbonks... RIP beautiful Merlin, the angels couldn't wait any longer to hold you in their arms... XOXOXO

    Jessica & Brady