Friday, 15 June 2012

Last pics of Merlin

I finally had the courage to unload the camera.  I'm sorry there's nothing of Merlin in motion, the problem with Merlin in motion is that I'd grab the camera in time to say 'that's Merlin that was'  - our quicksilver little boy was to active to be readily caught unless he had hurled himself into a sleeping or washing position.  Everything Merlin did was with verve and elan; and  every motion was with every fibre of his being.  He would arrrive on my chest with a a loud PURRRRRumph as he cast himself at me, kissing me on the way to rolling around helping with whatever I was writing by seeing how many buttons he could press with his whole exuberant little body.  This is why I have chosen to dedicate 'William Price of the Thrush' to him as well as to my husband, because he helped, you know.  He did no end of interesting things to the text. Here he is reaching up to pat at me to tell me to take more notice of a grey plush tummy than of that silly keyboard.

Biff may not mourn Merlin as much as the others, but they were becoming reconciled to each other [Merlin isn't really so much bigger than Biff, it's an effect of wide angle.  The size difference was very little]

Finally one where I was trying to work around four cats helping me; Merlin had seconds before been sitting on my head and had decided that my feet were more comfortable. Prior to that he had been right below Jasper which is why Jasper perched rather high, and hasn't here got around to moving.


  1. Just to say goodbye to Merlin, who will be missed and remembered - a Wide Boy and great fun!