Monday, 14 May 2012

Beware of Dangerous Flea Treatments.

There are flea treatments available, usually those sold over the counter in big stores, which are not going to do your cat any good.  These are the ones which use derivatives from the Chrysanthemum called Pyrethrins or Pyrethroids.  These are a systemic poison and work by destroying the nervous systems of fleas, ticks and lice.  Unfortunately they can also attack the nervous systems of cats and dogs causing seizures which, if immediate veterinary help is sought may lead to complete recovery but may lead to liver failure, damage to the neural system, brain damage or death.  Many of  these cheap products can also cause chemical burns where applied. I am not going to post the often horrific pictures or stories on this blog, but I am going to post links so anyone interested in following this up further may do so. 

One of the main firms which has been shown to cause these problems in America is Hartz; and in the UK I would also strongly advise against using Bob Martin which may not be as bad but there are definite issues.  My researches have shown that Frontline and Advantage are substantially safe but may even so still cause some skin reactions.  This however is a situation of being aware and noting if your cat shows discomfort - not the case as with some other brands where your cat shows horrific symptoms.  
video of fitting cat [Kendra]
FB Justice for Fur Babies lost to Hartz


  1. I am not sure if I signed up on your blog. I thought I did oh well I will sign up again just in case. I just love the phrases you used for the kitties talking. They are so cute, and it tells people not to use Hartz.

    I just luvz dos kitties, you should have your own comic book made up of all cats.
    Keep up the great posts, I love them!

  2. Thanks Carol! one day the kitties and their hedgehog will have a book of their own.

  3. Hi Sarah!

    We are so happy to see you out here on Blogger and to see this post!

    Keep up the good work.


    Broken Hartz