Sunday, 29 April 2012

April Update

So, what's been happening this month?  quite a lot.  Biff has had a dental which has made him a lot less bad tempered though his rheumatism is still paining him.  I sent for some Glucosamine with chondoitrin from my previously favourite health food company and when the big 1500 mg size pills arrive [ones I'D have trouble swallowing] I realised when I read the instructions the morons had only put an extra label on saying it was for pets as they dose they suggested was a human dose and they talked about consulting your doctor.  Simply Supplements are not my flavour of the month.  The vet however has reassured me that if he will take it crushed in food there's no overdose, he'll pass any excess through. 
As you can see he's tolerant enough to let Rebel sprawl on him....

Rebel has decided to take on the role of her departed sister Fenella; she has appointed herself mouse catcher in chief [she can now manage to kill them and proceeds, like Fenella, to sing over them] and to plant herself in the big tub of grass.  The grass is becoming the worse for wear underneath her after having recovered somewhat from Fenella...
Jasper meanwhile loves all his kitties and is happy to cuddle them
It may be noted that Merlin likes to keep a possessive paw on anyone he loves, but he's a big boy now.  He has killed and eaten his first wood pigeon!  It was a bit of a struggle - they are big birds - but he ran around to show it off to everyone growling and purring through a mouthful of feathers before taking it into the bushes where they wouldn't be disturbed.  He left the wings and Worrals brought them upstairs to me later: Look! she said He Has Left Some On The Side Of His Plate!  Once assured that this was permissible she supervised me in disposing of the grisly trophies with her usual fussy manner.
She then gave him a thorough washing.

It's' usually Merlin and one of the girls in a cuddle so I had to share one of Rebel with Worrals and in the most ridiculous position.

And I have to finish with an upside-down one of Worrals being sillyputty.

The cats have mostly declared April to be inoperative however; the outside room has a roof that almost always leaks.  It's very remiss.  And the skyheater doesn't work either. 

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