Thursday, 15 March 2012

Fenella - not good news.

There's no easy way to put this.
Fenella has mammary cancer; and our vet said that as it's likely to come back if he operated, and with the risk of an operation to an old lady of 17+, while she was comfortable there wasn't a lot that can be done besides love her to bits and keep monitoring it and bring her in to be put down if it became painful, or ulcerated. So there we have it.  Fenella is on borrowed time. 
Mammary cancer is fortunately fairly uncommon in cats as apparently it's more of a problem than in dogs or humans as 90% of tumours are malignant [cf 50% in dogs].  I've also been told [though not by my vet] that the risk of contracting it is four times higher in a cat who has had a season before being neutered than if neutering takes place before a season, so you can bet I'll be monitoring Worrals pretty closely too.  Especially as Worrals has a voice and face shape that suggests Siamese heritance and Siamese cats are apparently more at risk. 
Fenella hasn't got a clue however and is a happy girl, she notices her skin condition more and is going to need regular steroids for keeping that under control.  She's thoroughly Frontlined for her flea allergy and can I please take the opportunity to point out that Frontline, Stronghold or Advantage from the vets are the only safe flea treatments, over the counter proprietary brands may actually be toxic as well as being ineffective, one brand causing up to one third of cats to have seizures. 
Here's a list of ingredients to avoid in products you use on your cats: List of toxins
We don't Frontline all year round either, as there's a risk of developing an allergy to that too! As we don't have central heating our house drops below the breeding temperature for fleas in the winter.
However, on to a celebration of Fenella.  Fenella loves her Dadstaff and likes to lie in his arms, either way up whenever she can corner him sitting down....
"Well you weren't planning on going anywhere were you?"
And of course she has to share his breakfast milk - and often insists that he holds it in a more convenient position for her.
Big mug holding a mug

We don't know how long Fenella has.  She's old enough that she might die of something else before the cancer progresses far enough to need to be put down.  I just want everyone to know that she's a dear girl, if cantankerous and ornery as usual, and she's enjoying life while she has it.  We won't let her suffer.

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  1. All of us here are praying for sweet Fenella! Brady and Kaci send her purrs and gentle head bonks! <3