Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The cats and their pets

Barty the hedgehog is now an outside hog now there seems to be no more serious risk of frost.  He has shown very little inclination to explore far from his food bowl.  Here he is with Worrals supervising, by standing on the front of his feeding station.

The tortoises, who used to overwinter outside before we had all those wet winters, are canny and went out a while ago.  Stones that move are considered a bit weird by kitties who don't really remember them from last year... Merlin's look says it all!

Rebel sleeps on top of the hedgehog feeding station; it's her place. Rebel doesn't really believe in being photogenic but she couldn't be bothered to move.
Hedgehogs and tortoises are old news to Jasper, he's off checking on the smells in his garden.
Biff has his sun spot on his shelves of course.
...when he isn't off out of the garden checking, checking.... down the side steps.

Worrals sees the side steps as a place to writhe in the sun:
She goes out of the garden but mostly over the fence to next door and pops back from time to time, checking up!
[there's a slightly different one posted as I Can Haz Cheezburger]
She likes to help with the garden
And when she comes in she's ready to suggest a picnic by occupying the picnic hamper
Finally, in the evening, kitties are still playing with the box my anniversary roses came in - it's helped them to teethe and that makes a lovely hole to peer over.

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