Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Trooper's doing well!

This is what Gwen, the wonderful lady who helped save Trooper, has to say about his condition today:

Hi everyone.When they had Trooper out this morning for some exercise he was able to walk back to and into his cage by himself..slowly but by himself,yaaay...As for his bladder function and i quote "Trooper has shown a HUGE improvement in his bladder function"....He still has a way to go but this is great start.....We are so excited about this news..See what the power of love,prayers,good vibes and compassionate care givers can do...Thank you to everyone that supported and stood by a kitty in need...I truly believe that Trooper is on his way back to having full and happy life....
Trooper still needs chipins from people ready to help him  if you can! 

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