Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Great Outdoors

When it started to snow I held fire on posting this as I thought I could add pics of Merlin in the snow - but alas! Merlin didn't stay in the snow long enough to be photographed.  He disapproves of all that cold white stuff. 
Biff and Jasper, being used to snow, take it with resignation, Biff less so as it sets of his rheumatics.  I think he must have had a run-in with traffic before we had him that's left him a bit stiff when it's wet.  However the up side is that relations between Biff and kitties continue to improve since there's a need for negotiations over the warm spots.  No cuddling yet, but reserved tolerance.
Meantime here's Merlin up a tree.
Look! I'm up a tree!
Look everyone, I'm STILL up a tree!
I'm trying to figure out how to get out of a tree

Merlin's usual way of getting down from on high is to shut his eyes and fall, or hurl himself at one of us and assume we'll catch him.  He has learned however to run down trees which is almost a controlled fall. I'm not sure if he has his eyes shut when doing this, but I shouldn't be surprised if he does.

Biff said that if I was putting up snaps of That Kitten the least I could do would be to show HIS best side too, being more decorous than a daft critter like Merlin.

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