Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Trooper's doing well!

This is what Gwen, the wonderful lady who helped save Trooper, has to say about his condition today:

Hi everyone.When they had Trooper out this morning for some exercise he was able to walk back to and into his cage by himself..slowly but by himself,yaaay...As for his bladder function and i quote "Trooper has shown a HUGE improvement in his bladder function"....He still has a way to go but this is great start.....We are so excited about this news..See what the power of love,prayers,good vibes and compassionate care givers can do...Thank you to everyone that supported and stood by a kitty in need...I truly believe that Trooper is on his way back to having full and happy life....
Trooper still needs chipins from people ready to help him  if you can! 

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Inside and outside

So having not emptied the camera all month I thought you might like to see some pictures of kitties enjoying warmth as well as the outside ones...
They all like the fire but Biff is of the opinion it belongs to him.  He watches me clean out and light it and his 'fluence gets it going.  He has learned however that kitties are useful as draught excluders.
The kitties mostly sit on the woodbox.
Merlin prefers my laptop as a source of heat, besides he can headbonk me there...

And Fenella likes the warmth of laps, and to help herself to someone else's drink...


 Merlin just loves to have his sisters outside to play! he kept bringing leaves to Worrals and showing her how you can toss them up and pounce on them! Rebel is a bit nervous of outside, the ceiling is rather too high and it's all a bit scary. The first time she thought about going right back in, and then followed Jasper about the garden until he'd had enough and went in and she went with him... the second time Merlin bounced at her and firmly showed her about before returning to games with Worrals.
Can you see the tip of an ear in the one below?  Worrals loves being a jungly wallah.

Worrals loves trees.  The problem is, she can get up - but has trouble getting down.  She complains that she needs an elevator for down-ness and Trees Is Badly Designed Not To Have Elevators! she's figured out the cherry trees now, but we have a Camellia tree [that's a bush that made it] some 120 years old and it's very smooth trunked and a bit scary.  So I have to take my bad knees up ladders to rescue her...Because she sits up there wailing like a banshee until someone fetches her - or can reach high enough to pat branches to show her the way down, which she's quite quick at catching on to.

I Is Cute Up Here, But I Needs To Wee

Rebel meantime has gone back to her usual hobby of finding water to fall in.  The edge of the pond was closer than she realised and there was much wailing and a wet paw.

Jasper surveyed the proceedings from the safety of the shelves I used to harden off plants on until they were taken over by cats, being in sunshine most of the day...
No Biff pics in the garden.  He made himself scarce....

Just to add, Trooper came out of surgery successfully
Trooper the cat came out of surgery late Friday all patched up and settling in for recovery. "He's resting comfortably and everything went well during surgery," said Gwen Samms of the animal... 

Friday, 24 February 2012

Kitty cuddles

A gratuitous excuse to catch up on posting with all the cuddly pics of kitties....  Jasper is so good with the kitties and loves them to bits even though sometimes love from Merlin means bouncing poor Jasper clean off the sofa with overenthusiastic kisses
Merlin is very loving and only Worrals really knows how to keep him in his place even though she is much smaller than him! However sometimes he forgets it... Worrals decided that she would put up with her brother being heavy to take advantage of him also being warm
Rebel is less cuddly but I managed to grab this shot

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Hope for Trooper!

Trooper has been a real trooper and with the aid and prayers of those who support him he has a fighting chance - please check out this news item

Thanks to the friends of my cats and kitties for reading this, you all know I'm a sucker for a cat in need.
I'm hoping to post soon about Worrals and Rebel's first outings but I got a little caught up in this.

Here's the Troopers for Trooper facebook page too

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Please help cat frozen to ground! Trooper needs friends

I read with horror about a family that left an immobile cat on their drive while they went to their warm beds - it was 24 hours before he was released from being FROZEN TO THE GROUND with a broken pelvis. 
Things looked encouraging when he was first released, but there are problems.  However the friends of Trooper WILL NEVER give up.
Here's the latest article

and anyone who can, please chip in, no matter how small an amount at

Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Great Outdoors

When it started to snow I held fire on posting this as I thought I could add pics of Merlin in the snow - but alas! Merlin didn't stay in the snow long enough to be photographed.  He disapproves of all that cold white stuff. 
Biff and Jasper, being used to snow, take it with resignation, Biff less so as it sets of his rheumatics.  I think he must have had a run-in with traffic before we had him that's left him a bit stiff when it's wet.  However the up side is that relations between Biff and kitties continue to improve since there's a need for negotiations over the warm spots.  No cuddling yet, but reserved tolerance.
Meantime here's Merlin up a tree.
Look! I'm up a tree!
Look everyone, I'm STILL up a tree!
I'm trying to figure out how to get out of a tree

Merlin's usual way of getting down from on high is to shut his eyes and fall, or hurl himself at one of us and assume we'll catch him.  He has learned however to run down trees which is almost a controlled fall. I'm not sure if he has his eyes shut when doing this, but I shouldn't be surprised if he does.

Biff said that if I was putting up snaps of That Kitten the least I could do would be to show HIS best side too, being more decorous than a daft critter like Merlin.