Thursday, 26 January 2012


With the current political climate of occupying for protests I'm afraid my non politically minded cats are more interested in occupation for making a point that it's comfortable.....
Biff can #occupythelaptop as well as #occupy the sofa
One cat....

Two cats:

Three cats:

Four cats [note Rebel under Merlin]:

Five cats:
I haven't yet had all 6 on the sofa; Fenella prefers to #occupyheads

And while I'm at it, Kittygirls would like to show you their stitches and ask for adulation because they've been good.

Monday, 16 January 2012

First update of the year!

Well it's been an exciting time - at least for Worrals.  She has had her first [and hopefully last] season.  This wednesday she and Rebel will be losing their missybits so we shouldn't have quite so much excitement again. The prootling and crooning are fine, even sweet; the very LOUD singing and wailing for several days has left us anxiously wondering whether the RSPCA are likely to call to check how many cats we've been torturing.
Worse was the spraying which as Worrals is a neat and clean little body was unexpected; however this is apparently all quite normal.  Another good reason to spay. 

Merlin appears to have retained some of the right instincts and did his best to entertain Worrals and satisfy her urges, but being neutred himself he hasn't got the total idea [one reason for doing him ASAP] and got bored and wandered off.....whereupon Worrals beat him up. He's only half as heavy again as she is after all.  He spent most of the rest of her season with a haunted look and when he thought it was safe to come back to cuddle his sisters he found himself subjected to being washed at one end by Rebel and the other by Worrals.  I might say that though his rear end seemed to enjoy how thoroughly she was washing his front end took exception to it and she got her ears boxed.

Rebel has also been feeling the cold - it upsets her insides - so now she too has her own little coat.  She was none too sure about it at first until suddenly! she noticed it was nice and warm and started purring. 

Merlin has been consolidating his relationship with - and occasionally on - his big brother.  Jasper is very tolerant of kitties, but he and Merlin found places to hide together while Worrals was declaring at the top of her voice She Needed Someone Male Even If That Was Only Approximately So!

Biff and Fenella are not feeling photogenic.  They declare that they are hibernating. So, by the way, is Barty the hedgehog who has at long last gone torpid.